About Me

Hi! I’m Kian Motamed-Zaman and I’m a graphic designer from the Bay Area, California. I’m currently working as a junior creative designer at Live Nation, in the Media and Sponsorships department. I like to create work that is positive, colorful, and humorous, but that also reflects the world around me. I have a strong interest in typography, branding, editorials, and creative systems.

I am half Iranian and grew up speaking Farsi at home with my two moms and my younger brother. Because of my background and my own identity, social issues and activism are very important to me and my work.

In addition to design, I have always been interested in fashion and style as well as learning about politics and international relations. I  love skiing, hiking, baking (and eating), flipping through fashion magazines, watching horror movies, and reality tv. Hope you enjoy my work!